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Steered by hard evidence and driven by a love of good work. We help brands big and small make confident creative choices. Ones that get results.

With a focus on being our clients' most valued partner

Ad-Vertical is breaking through the AdTech walls and connecting together in the same engine: comprehensive audience interests, brand performance, privacy protection, and sustainability. All integrated into one technology stack, built and optimized for mobile. Evidence gives our clients confidence. So we keep our ear to the ground, our eye on the future as well as diving head-first into the data where all the untapped and hidden insights are.

Problem Solvers

We can take up any new challenge and use specific strategies to solve it.


Our creative ideas and new-age technologies boosts digital exposure.

Time Management

We provide Creative & quality work on time without compromising .

On-going Flexibility

We offer as much flexibility to our client’s needs, in our new age everything is so dynamic and what makes the difference is your agility to adapt to changes.

Our Services

At Ad-Vertical Web Solutions, we adhere to innovation and conform to the latest technology in mobile app development. We always strive hard to stay committed to excellence, quality and improvements in everything we do. 


We engage consumers with fully on-screen and choice-driven ads. Our formats ensure a superior mobile ad experience. They attract attention, solicit user interaction and boost memorability.


Our all-star creative team brings a passion for storytelling to every project, which has landed us partnerships with some of the world’s most respected organizations.


At Ad-Vertical we use digital display advertising to drive visitors that convert into sales leads. It works – when you use the right display advertising agency.

DSP Campaigns

We supercharge every digital campaigns with our demand-side platform, we use data to reach more people wherever they are. Plus, get total transparency into performance, so you can optimize toward the goals that are most important to your business.


Ad-Vertical helps its advertisers to reach the targeted goals and KPIs by creating ideas that emotionally connect. Ideas that penetrate deep into the minds of your audience. Ideas delivered through all mediums, remaining true to the task and generating optimum results.

Our spirit is one of quality, integrity, transparency and purpose-driven to get you the results you deserve. At the same time, we are ensuring your brand and blocking malicious action on the spot.

Our work is focused around a number of policy areas and industry programmes including trust in advertising, data and e-privacy, digital advertising, promoting growth and many more.


We love to build brands and scale them far beyond the status-quo, not just by following a gut feeling but by scaling a proven data-driven social-first marketing. Magnifying the brand’s aura with the right knowledge. Our technology platform for performance and affiliate marketing brings together many publishers with networks and advertisers. 

Ad-Vertical enables publishers and advertisers to easily implement their performance marketing strategies to generate higher revenue and more traffic with less effort. We close the gap between content and commerce. Our platform is built around turn-key solutions, machine learning for contextual and semantic targeting and APIs. 

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